Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers-Complete Guide & Reviews in 2021

Motorcycle Speakers

When you enjoy your motorcycle ride on an enjoyable day with natural beauty in front of your eyes, you’ll certainly miss listening to a soundtrack to conjure up that experience and That’s why you need the best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers.

Bluetooth motorbike speakers can now be used with almost any model.

It doesn’t matter what speed you are traveling. Also, they are a much safer option than wearing headphones.

A motorcycle speaker makes your driving sheer fun. For a luxurious ride with a gorgeous sound, you want to choose the best model that gives you a great volume.

That is why we have found out for you, the Top 10 Best Motorcycle Speakers. So let us know about these speakers.

Benefits of Motorcycle Speakers:-

Make your trip more attractive-

We know that, when you are on long trips, you get Boring listening to the sound of your motorcycle engine. Okay, to avoid this you can replace it with a high-quality motorcycle speaker.

So having a motorcycle sound system is of great benefit.


You can easily take full advantage of the connectivity options offered by the motorcycle audio system.

You just connect your smartphone to the system and you can easily get directions from the speaker without stopping. Also, you don’t need to keep your cell phone to find navigation at all.

Good outdoor recreation-

Having the loudest motorbike sound system on your favorite motorbike means that you can listen to music at any place as long as you have your favorite motorbike.

Regardless of where you are, the speaker sound system will keep you entertained.

Improve refund value-

Installing an audio system on your favorite motorcycle will slightly increase its overall value.

If you want to sell your favorite motorcycle in the future, there may be a reason to get more money because of the motorcycle’s sound system.

Types of Motorcycle Speakers:-

Handlebar Motorcycle Speaker-

Handlebar Speaker means – They are mounted on the handlebar of the motorcycle. Most of the Handlebar Speaker will come with mounts that are very easy to install. And lets you adjust their direction according to your convenience.

In addition, most of the Handlebar Speaker is sold with an amplifier system, so you can ensure that you get amazing sound quality.

Helmet Motorcycle Speaker-

The Helmet Speaker means that- they are fitted on motorcycle helmets. Helmet Speaker lets you listen to your favorite music from a wide variety of devices using Bluetooth connectivity.

It is also very easy to receive the call with the help of this helmet speaker. And with its help you can get GPS instructions.

It is also very easy to install, and the helmet is better than the Speakers headphone.

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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Speakers-Complete Chart

Product Name
1. Kuryakyn 2713 MTX Bluetooth.
  100 Watt
2. KICKER 40PSM34 4 Ohm.
3. LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle Sound System.
   FM Radio Reception
4. Kuryakyn 2719 MTX.

  300 Watt

  Bluetooth Does Work Well
6. Boss MC470B Motorcycle Sound System.
  Aux Input
7. Boss ATV25B All-Terrain Sound System.
  450 Watt

8. MCBK470B Bluetooth Boss motorcycle speakers.

  1000 Watt
9. Boss Audio MCBK520B.
  Easy To Install
10. GoHawk RD8.
  FM Radio

1. Kuryakyn 2713 MTX wireless Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers.

This speaker will not disappoint you when you ride are on the road.

You can be surprised by the performance of this speaker. From the day you take this speaker in your journey, this journey will be more fun from the same day.

This speaker comes in two colors one black and chrome.

The speaker provides 100W peak power with a 5 amp low current draw.

The pods and Bluetooth audio controls of this speaker provide full sound with a small design. Which allows you to carry sound and connect wirelessly to any compatible Bluetooth system.

This speaker made in high impact ABS satin black finish with enclosure is very beautiful to see.

And this speaker, pod, and controller are designed according to IP66 rating requirements so that it is weather-proof.

It can easily connect with most Bluetooth devices including Android and iPhone.

This speaker comes with auto-pairing and five front panel touch controls and is also very easy to install.

A lot of things come with this speaker. To find out, you can click on the link for this speaker and see the features and details of this product.

  • Sound Quality
  • Easy To Install
  • Value For Money
  • No

2. KICKER 40PSM34 4 Ohm.

If you’re looking for a superb and loud motorcycle handlebar speaker, you might want to consider checking out this Kicker model, as they’re built with excellent sound performance in mind.

Most people will automatically appreciate the look and sound of this speaker.

The design is very compact. They are also versatile as they can be installed on any type of handlebar from motorcycles to ATVs.

These weatherproof speakers come in long-lasting chromed enclosures, they function best with 50 watts of recommended power.

The amp is connectable via Bluetooth. Direct if the amp is capable, or through a Bluetooth adaptor.

This speaker is available in black colors, which is very beautiful to see this speaker in black color. This mini speaker system features two speakers to offer excellent sound.

  • Sound Quality Is Good
  • Waterproof
  • Design Is Good
  • Use Amp

3. LEXIN LX-S3 waterproof motorcycle speakers.

Of this speaker, The build quality looks very good and Available in chrome and black.

Bluetooth motorcycle stereo radio, and a docking system operated by USB that helps you to charge compatible electronics on the go.

This speaker comes with a jog dial and a full wiring harness, making installation easy. This speaker is a great speaker for a bike.

Using the A2DP profile via Bluetooth V4.0 the LX-S3 Motorcycle Speaker can listen to music directly from your BT cell phone compatible music player.

Its attached USB connector can charge not only for playing music/audio but also your mobile phone. There is also an FM radio reception.

With a 50-watt power amplifier inside the speaker, these speakers can also be heard clearly on the highway at 80mph. This motorcycle speaker is waterproof, capable of handling all weather.

  • USB Connector
  • FM Radio Reception
  • Waterproof
  • No High-Speed

4. Kuryakyn 2719 MTX.

The Kuryakyn brand is a fairly large name in the aftermarket parts and accessories industry for motorcycles. This speaker is the best Bluetooth speaker for motorcycles.

It has weather-resistant, robust IP66-rated, and features a self-protection circuit and built-in heat sink to counter excessive heat and the control of under/overvoltage.

This speaker comes with a universal mounting clamp that works between 7/8 and 1-1 / 4 ” each time. This makes the speaker a good choice for motorcycles as well as other applications.

3.0 Bluetooth receiver allows wireless communication to any mobile or music system via Bluetooth. And its auxiliary input and output ports connect common devices via a 3.5 mm cable.

  • Quality Is Good
  • 300 Watt
  • USB Power Charger
  • **


You will definitely like this, because this speaker has been made by a great brand -boss motorcycle speakers (PHANTOM900).

This speaker is the best-designed speaker system and helps to listen to music positively. And it will keep improving you all the time, whenever you go around with this speaker.

The speaker is water-resistant. This means you can get your music wherever you want. A multi-mounting configuration supports its infinite capabilities.

Take it to the open road with motorcycles and other vehicles.

It has all other beautiful features including Bluetooth audio streaming, mounting inserts in adjustable clamps, weatherproof, volume control, built-in Class D amplifier.

And this is a 3.5mm auxiliary input compatible with mobile and MP3 player audio outputs.

Install your Wired Remote Control in a safe and convenient location. This will allow you to be in control of system volume while you’re riding.

What’s more, the installation and mounting hardware and cabling are included.

6. Boss MC470B Bluetooth.

It starts with a 4-speaker system which is the use of clever technology and design to create a compact powerful motorcycle speaker system. This speaker’s sound quality is quite good.

You use the weatherproof sound system of this speaker, change the playlist, and the MC470B features a weatherproof speaker to protect against elements.

Its audio system provides motorcycle Bluetooth connectivity and is very reliable. The speaker also includes two 3-inch, chrome, full-range speakers.

The adjustable brackets will fit handlebars between .75 “and 1.25”.This feature of the speaker can be installed at any place.

These are available in black and chrome so that you can choose the right color scheme for your bike.

  • Build Quality
  • Remote Volume Control
  • Aux Input.
  • No On/Off Switch

7. Boss ATV25B All-Terrain Sound System.

No brand does what the boss always does when it comes to high-quality speakers.

And this speaker gives the most reliable and quality performance for the bike. Right now, much remains to be said about it.

It starts with a 6.5-inch dual-speaker design each. The entire unit weighs 12.5 pounds, ideal for its size, so it fits into any motorcycle without adding a ton of weight. It is also weatherproof

It’s among the loudest models in the entire list, with its A / B amplifier delivering 450 watts of power, so you’re getting nothing short of fantastic.

With a frequency of 45 Hz to 25 kHz, the sound quality is more than good, great because you can hear both highs and lows.

You can link with Bluetooth to any streaming device which uses any other program. You can connect it up to something, directly with a remote control.

Users also get an AUX link of 3.5 mm which makes it suitable for something like MP3 players and smartphones.

  • Best Design
  • 450 Watt
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • The Extremely Large Design Fits Awkwardly On Motorcycles

8. MCBK470B Bluetooth Boss motorcycle speakers.

For its trendy features, this sound system is the youth’s most loved sound system.

The whole speaker quality comes with a mount design with an integrated mirror. Most of this motorcycle sound system’s key features are as follows:

It does have a weatherproof speaker, This motorcycle sound system can be used without any problems for a long time.

The size of this motorcycle sound system is very compact which also means this motorbike sound system can use in both light-duty as well as heavy-duty motorcycles because they don’t eat much of the motorcycle’s space.

Stream audio from compatible devices via Bluetooth, and this same Aux Input allows users to connect to an external device’s audio output such as an MP3 player or smartphone.

So that you can enjoy your songs through your system.

This speaker is 3-inch, black, and includes full-range speakers. These same expandable brackets will fit handlebars between .75 “and 1.25”.

  • Quality Is Good
  • 1000 Watts
  • Remote Volume Control
  • No On/Off Switch

9. Boss Audio MCBK520B.

This is another type of Mirror Integrate bike speakers, compact in design but strong in service.

These motorcycle sound systems are a slightly reduce version of their Boss Audio MCBK470B precursor sound system.

This motorbike sound system is suitable for use in both heavy and light duty motorcycles. Let’s look at some other key features of this audio system for motorcycles:

It includes solid-proof, weatherproof speakers, as a result of which speakers’ lives are reasonably increased, as speakers do not fall victim to the worst weather.

Using your device or MP3 player to access your favorite music library.

It’s 3.5 mm aux input supports your device’s audio, and up to 32 GB of memory with USB / SD – USB and SD ports.

This speaker has two full-range 3-inch mats with adjustable brackets that match the handlebar ranging from .75 “to 1.25”.

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy To Install
  • Noise level
  • The Amp

10. GoHawk RD8.

This speaker Is available in these black colors with a stylish design so that they match the comfort of your motorcycle.

The whole speaker comes with a main aluminum stereo unit and ensures good water resistance.

This means you can enjoy your favorite songs or radio shows in all seasons, even when it rains or radiates outside.

Individuals can be easily connected via Bluetooth and wireless to your Android or to any smartphone device, so you can stream your playlist directly from your phone.

Additionally, speakers support USB and microSD cards where you can upload your favorite MP3.

New mounting clamp supports handlebars from 7/8 “to 1 1/4” Optional Stainless Steel Extension Mounting Bracket for More Custom Installation included a set of 2.

It provides quick access with just a push of a button for key functions, along with a user-friendly interface as well as a clock-powered feature.

  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • FM Radio
  • Display With Clock
  • For Powerful Motorcycles, The Product Might Not Be Loud Enough

Buying Guide For Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers:

The fact is that it can be challenging to find a motorcycle speaker that meets the needs of the best motorcycle sound system.

Therefore, we have tried to pour through countless products, expert advice, And customer reviews to get our 10 best pics shortlisted.

We consider it important to present factors that should be considered before purchasing a motorcycle speaker. Let us look at those aspects.

Type Of Speaker:-

This is the essential thing to decide before you even start looking for a motorcycle speaker. There are many types of motorcycle speakers but you have to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Speaker type can be of two types – on handlebar or helmet.

Out of these two types, which speaker do you like best, listen to the same speaker

They should be installed in such a way that they do not mess with the dashboard and will not become a barrier to other controls. You should pay attention to this matter.

Build Quality:-

Any motorcyclist who wants a nice ride with an amazing experience of listening to music will certainly want a speaker that is strong enough to endure long-term use and will not break down too soon.

When choosing a motorcycle mic, you should also take into account the weather resistance of the material.

Buy a model that is resistant to sun, fog, salt, rust, and moisture and And will be with you for a long time.

Sound Quality:-

It does not matter how loud your speaker is if the sound quality of your speaker is not clear.

You’ll hate a layout that doesn’t deliver an acceptable volume level where you hear engine roar and wind rather than your favorite song lyrics.

You need to check the power of the speaker and the quality of the amplifiers to ensure a clear sound without any distortion. A large part, Volume depends on the wattage of the speaker.

Nonetheless, you’ll need higher wattage to counteract the noise of the wind and other vehicles while cycling on highways.

That is why before buying a speaker, take complete information about the speaker.


Some waterproof models are marine-grade speakers, meaning they can continue to work even if they are immersed in deep water.

When you enjoy a good bike ride and listen to a new song from your favorite Playlist, you never know when the rain is coming.

That is why you should buy a waterproof speaker, this will let you continue the fun without any problems.


Any tech-savvy user wants to make their motorcycle sound system compatible with other electronic devices. Thus Bluetooth motorcycle speakers connectivity is important for most customers.

Since connectivity is so critical to music lovers, you need to make a detailed inquiry about the available options. You need to make sure the speaker you are selecting provides the choices that you use the most.

Battery Life:-

If purchasing a motorcycle speaker, a device with a long battery life must always be chosen so it can accompany you on long journeys.

Wireless devices prefer to spend batteries very quickly so be careful.

Speaker Size:-

The size of the speaker is also another major concern. Consideration must be given to overall size and thickness.

Select a model that fits the size of your motorcycle.


Q: How Do You Install A Motorcycle Sound System?

A. It depends on the type of speaker. If it is a handlebar speaker, it is easy to install. To install the speaker, the speaker has everything in it.

Q: Can You Put Speakers On A Motorcycle?

A. Yes, of course, you can put a speaker on a motorcycle. In motorcycles, to port, all the material is provided in the speaker.

Q: Are Motorcycle Speakers Waterproof?

A. Most motorcycle speakers are waterproof. But you must first pay attention to check the product page before purchasing the speaker.

Q: Can You Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle?

A. You are fully allowed to listen to music while riding a motorcycle on the road. But you should note that you should not use headphones on motorcycles.

Q: Can you hear the motorcycle speaker?

A. The answer is completely yes.

Q: How to Install a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


We’ve completed our own user trial to find the top 10 best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers on the Internet to make your ride great.

We analyzed several different categories and items to provide you with the best possible option for any budget or need.

Which speaker you liked, please tell in the comments.

If you have any questions related to this post related or any of our posts, then please tell us by commenting and we will try to reply soon.

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