Top 8 Best Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker Review And Complete Guide

First of all hello to you and very welcome to our post. We know what you have come to find in this post. You have come to this post to find a great thing. We know what this thing is, that thing – a best Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker.

Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker

Before buying this speaker, what are the features & details of this speaker, and the complete guide and review are given below.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading our list of the best speakers as much as we put it together.

At the end of the reviews do not forget to check out our buyers guide.

Below we have compiled the list of the top 8 speakers that you can buy on Amazon right now.

Let’s take a look at these speakers-

How did we found these Sylvania Bluetooth speakers?

A. We have worked very hard to find these top 8 best speakers. There are many great Sylvania Bluetooth speakers, but it becomes a little difficult to find good speakers.

Now your question will be, how we have found these speakers – we have presented these speakers to you, keeping in mind the sound quality, performance, features, customer review, and many more issues of these speakers.

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Top 8 Best Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker- Complete Chart

Speakers Name
1. Sylvania Portable sp328 Bluetooth speaker.
2. Sylvania STT104BT-Black Record Player.
  Fabulous USB power jack              
3. Sylvania Bluetooth Light-Up Speaker.

  Amazing Design

4. Sylvania SP337-Black Tower Speaker.
  Volume Control Digital 
5. Sylvania SP613 Disco Ball.
  USB,  Bluetooth, Auxilliary         
6. Sylvania SP672 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

  Fm Radio

7. Sylvania Light-Up With Silicone Case (TWS Magnetic).
  EasilyBluetooth connectivity                 
8. Sylvania SP667 Long Speaker.
  Sd Card Slot

1. Sylvania Portable SP328 Bluetooth speaker.

Among Sylvania speakers, this Sylvania SP328 Portable Speaker is the best speaker.

This sound system is very beautiful to see as well as giving good performance. The speaker is available in 4 colors, which looks very beautiful in 4 colors.

The speaker can easily connect to your phone or your music player via Bluetooth.

Separate knobs to regulate the treble and bass allow you to tweak the sound in every situation so it’s fine.

The speakers are given an LED light that shines through the speakers in a stylish blue glow. They not only produce incredible quality sound, but they also look amazing!

2x 4inch Hi-Fi Speakers surprisingly delivers HUGE sound. Hi-Fi speakers mean you will still get great sound, even at volumes that are high or low.

This portable Speaker device complete with a handle is ideal for any situation. Just grab the handle once charged, and take the speaker with you anywhere!

The last thing we will say about this speaker is that you can use this speaker very comfortably outside or inside your house.

  • Sound Quality.
  • Compatible With The iPhone, IPad, Android, And Any device Powered By Bluetooth.
  • Portability.
  • Not Waterproof.

2. Sylvania STT104BT-Black Record Player.

If you love warm and amazing sound and want a portable way to play your favorite records? Then this Sylvania Portable USB Bluetooth Record Player will be the best for you.

The 3-speed turntable of this system has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can play your tunes directly on the record player, without any external speakers attached.

A volume control is available, and you can pick your speed (22/45/78 RPM). RCA aux out jack and USB power jack are both included.

You can easily convert your vinyl records into a digital WAV or MP3 file for convenient storage on your computer.

Or you can easily transfer to your iPhone, iPad, or other digital media phone or device. And this system will always give you years of enjoyment!

  • Sounds Good
  • Initially Easy To Find Out
  • Value For Money
  • No Helpful Information In The User Manual.

3. Sylvania Bluetooth LightUp Speaker.

This speaker gives you a great light-up and DJ party atmosphere.

And this electronic drum kit has 7 drum pads and Hi-Hat and kicks bass drum automatic pedal controllers to replicate the full drum set sound with tome-toms.

The digital top panel control center of this DJ system is equipped with a special and adjustable LCD screen. And features a lot of audio interface controls for creating, recording, and editing music.

For your favorite desktop applications, connect the table drum to your device using a USB cable to serve as a MIDI connector.

It also has an aux-in jack to connect other devices and a phone-out jack for headphone amplifiers.

  • Design
  • CD Player
  • USB Charging Port
  • Not A Big Sound

4. Sylvania SP337-Black Tower Speaker.

The design and sound quality and bass of the Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Sound system are very good. It provides wireless playback from any device with (black) Bluetooth wireless technology.

Another specialty of this is Ornamental shifting lights surely add to your experience of listening to songs! So that you can enjoy the song very well.

For use with an MP3 player or any device with a headphone output jack missing the Bluetooth functionality, an auxiliary input jack is provided.

The speaker includes an AC adapter, and its built-in rechargeable battery gives you the pleasure of listening to music for up to 2.5 hours while away from home!

  • Color-Changing Lights
  • two high-powered speakers
  • Value For Money
  • Not Waterproof.

5. Sylvania SP613 Disco Ball.

When you hear the name Sylvania, it offers affordable electronics and very good sound quality, and very good design.

This SP613 speaker comes with a portable Bluetooth disco ball. And this speaker helps you offer a little DJ party atmosphere

You can enjoy this SP613 portable Bluetooth disco ball with Bluetooth streaming up to 30 meters very comfortably. And this disco ball has a lot of multi colors with LED lights.

Don’t even think about changing the battery of this speaker, as this speaker comes with an internal rechargeable battery.

Quickly stream music over your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any device connected wirelessly, or link non-Bluetooth devices via an aux-in jack.

  • Battery
  • Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • NO Remote

6. Sylvania SP672 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

This speaker comes in white color. and This speaker comes with an aluminum handle, this system enables wireless playback from any Bluetooth-based device.

This speaker provides a speaker with a built-in microphone and a 3.5 mm connection.

And this speaker features an aux input for use with an MP3 player or a device with a headphone output jack, which lacks Bluetooth capability.

This Sylvania SP672 speaker also has an integrated FM radio and a slot for the SD card so you can play your own recorded music.

The built-in rechargeable battery of this speaker provides the pleasure of listening to music for hours and has a USB charging port that allows you to charge your mobile device!

  • Battery-Powered
  • Usb Port
  • Fm Radio
  • Not Waterproof

7. Sylvania Light-Up With Silicone Case (TWS Magnetic).

The design of this speaker is very different. And this is the magnetic feature at the bottom of the speaker that you can easily distinguish it from.

This speaker is capable of providing 5 watts of power with ease, and its built-in subwoofer improves the speaker’s sound and produces an amazing acoustic experience.

This speaker is fitted with dual-driver technology with an additional driver on either side, which increases the consistency of the sound and gives you a clearer and more vivid sound from low to high.

The special feature of this speaker is that these speakers can be easily attached to any magnetic surface, such as a pull-up bar for your car golf cart, and more!

  • Battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durability
  • Not A Big Sound

8. Sylvania SP667 Long Speaker.

This Sylvia Wireless Speaker comes in Blue color and allows your mobile device to wirelessly stream music up to 30 feet.

Its sound quality is not too loud but the sound quality beauty is good. And the battery life of this speaker is very good and influenced by a very good model.

This speakers abs + fabric, support TF card with Line-in function with FM function with Microphone. Built-in 1200mAh Lithium rechargeable battery, And its input power is: 5V.

  • Battery-Powered
  • Sd Card Slot
  • TF Card
  • Not A Big Sound

Buying Guide For Best Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker:

We know your feelings because when Sylvania was looking for wireless speakers, we were in a strange state of how to find a good speaker.

That is why we have prepared this post in a very good way so that you can get a good speaker at the best.

Once you plan to buy some Sylvania wireless Bluetooth speakers, you should have some knowledge before buying these speakers.

We are not going to repeat it here to save our time. Direct you below are some topics of the buying guide.

Sound Quality-

Sure, we agree everyone needs the highest quality of sound they can offer. What is the point, after all, Sound quality is the first thing that you should keep in mind before buying a good speaker.

Though new technology takes high-quality sounds to smaller speakers. Therefore, you should expect the same level of sound quality from cheap, small products reviewed by us.

In the last, we will give you this only advice that whatever speaker you are planning to get, you must check the sound quality of the same speaker.

Build Quality & Design-

The Sylvania Wireless speaker is usually going to be smaller than your average-in-home speaker.

For the best Sylvania Wireless speaker we’ve tested, there’s a relatively wide variety of weight and height, but it depends on what extra functionality, price, and portability are accessible.


Riddle when buying a speaker, you should also check the connectivity of the speaker.

You want you to have a lot of Connectivity options available. The normal speaker will have Bluetooth, USB, and aux inputs. Some offer even more features in some speakers.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I connect my Sylvania Bluetooth speakers? Or /

Q: How to pair Sylvania Bluetooth speaker?

A. It is very easy to connect the speakers. Turn on the speaker very comfortably, and it will automatically start in pairing mode.

And then only after you select the speaker from your Bluetooth menu, after that the speaker is ready to stream music.

Q: How do I reset my Sylvania Bluetooth speaker?

A. It is very easy to remove all the paired devices from the speaker. You do not need to do anything, all you need to do is hold your speaker’s Bluetooth button and power button together for more than 3 seconds, this will reset the speaker.

Q: How to charge Sylvania Bluetooth speaker?

A. It is very easy to charge, these Sylvania Bluetooth speakers give you a USB port for charging so that you can charge easily.

Q: How to connect Sylvania Bluetooth headphones?

A. The majority of Bluetooth headphones do not have drivers. All you have to do now is connect them to your machine or phone.

Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and either discover or connect a new unit.

When you’re there, press and hold the pairing button on the headphones for a few seconds, and they should appear as a system you can pair to on your computer or phone.

If there isn’t a pairing button, press and hold the power button for a few seconds instead.

If your headphones are in paired mode, the power light on your headphones will be seen burning.


We hope that we have done a great job in the post of this Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker. And it is also hoped that, whatever motive you have come to this post, that must have been resolved.

However, you may have a different point of view and we would love to hear your opinion – just comment to let us know and we’ll see it.

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