The Bose s1 Pro Review DJ In 2021

Bose s1 Pro Review
Bose S1Pro

Welcome to our post. We know why you have come to this post. You have come to read a great speaker review of Bose. So we have written a review of Bose s1 Pro very well below.

Bose has made home theater system, best speaker, best headphone, and more in his life. And all of Bose’s systems are very good. This s1 pro of bose is an excellent portable PA system.

The Bose S1 Pro is the smallest and most inexpensive portable PA, and its stunning design is a wonderful ideal system for the singer-guitarist, a great choice for performing in small venues or outskirts.

Below we have written a review of this bose s1 pro and some questions related to this also post have been answered.

Let’s read this speaker review without delay.

Advantage and Disadvantage Of having a Bose S1 Pro Review:

Any Product has good and negative stuff so, the s1 pro gadget prons and cons-

  • The speaker is very light and very compact.
  • The speakers are of very good build quality.
  • The speaker’s Bluetooth input is very good.
  • The speaker is a great portable PA speaker with a battery.
  • The battery power of this speaker is very powerful in most situations.
  • The speaker has a lot of input.
  • The carry handle is provided to lift the speaker.
  • Speaker is a bit expensive.
  • If you run the speaker continuously, then it will run only for 9:30 hours.

Bose S1 Pro information:-

  • Brand – Bose
  • Speaker Type – Single Speaker
  • Battery Type – lithium-ion battery
  • Mounting Type – Floor Standing
  • Item Weight – 15.5 Pounds
  • Connectivity Technology – bluetooth
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Product Dimensions – 11.1 x 9.4 x 13.1 inches
  • Battery life – 11 hours
  • Color Name – Black

Bose s1 Pro Review:-

Sound Quality-

People bose is known for a great sound. The voice of this speaker is amazing. You will definitely like the sound of this speaker. It is a brilliant, sound system of bose.

It has a clear sound and “beauty” in a positive sense. This is particularly known from the Single Speaker and Floor Standing. The special thing about this speaker is that this speaker impresses most people with his voice.

This speaker especially shows its specialty when it comes to music, live sound, and even more playback (whether via cable or via Bluetooth). And this speaker is the ability to fill amazing sound in all your rooms.

This can be described as “porous” to the sound of the speaker, which means that it has a lot of pressure and pulls the treble clean and clear. And after that listening to music from the box becomes even more fun.


This bose s1 pro is very simple to see but looks very good. This sound system is compact and the speaker is very light (15.50 lbs), given the size of the speaker. These speakers are very powerful in many situations.

This speaker has three 2.25 inch drivers with a 6-inch subwoofer that makes up these speakers. The subwoofers of these speakers give you high-excursion power, powered by an in-built power amp.

This speaker is a multi-purpose and multi-position speaker system with tone match EQ and 2 XLR stroke jack input channels. Not only that, but sensors for treble, bass, and reverb have also been provided in all these input channels.

To optimize the cable management performance of this speaker, all ports are retrospectively placed with very convenient placement of each port.

This speaker has both AUX and line-out connectors with XLR stroke jack input channels.

This is right next to the button AUX channel for Bluetooth communication of the speaker. And the volume controls of this speaker are mounted on the side of this speaker.

This is the primary power port of the speaker at the rear of the speaker. and its lithium battery charged through the primary power socket.

Flip the speaker up and down, a blue light marker provides for the battery load. These indicators serve to show the residual charge left in the lithium battery for wireless use so that you do not face any problem in the case of the battery.


One of the most important features of bose S1 pro review – Features. The features of this bose speaker are amazing, let’s talk about the features of these speakers. This speaker has 3 channels for input.

To hook acoustic guitars or instruments, the first two XLR stroke jack inputs include. and is the second universal auxiliary port of the speaker and the third is Bluetooth link for cellular use.

This speaker also has Bose tone match technology, which can be combined with XLR stroke jack input. It has a three-position bend with slider, off, guitar, and microphone symbols.

You will not believe this speaker is so great and extremely useful. Not only is the setup simple and fast, but for almost any type of setting, the sound is amazing and very good. Bluetooth compatibility is probably the best feature of this speaker.

To see if it works well or not, we tried it out and matched it to a tablet. Needless to say, we were very please with the timing of the battery of this speaker.

The lithium add-on batteries of this speaker are capable of giving you up to 11 hours of playtime.

It is quite easy to pair phones or other gadgets and use this speaker to play music directly from it. This speaker is best for presentations, performances, and more.

The special feature of this speaker is that this speaker has the ability to hook up with other speakers of the same kind. You can connect two such speakers simultaneously using Bluetooth.


In any case, this speaker is a very classy and stylish-looking piece and looks very professional. Whether it is in the case of speaker performance or the case of any performance, this speaker is the best.

This speaker provides clear and crisp audio. We tested the sound quality of the speaker by playing music from different genres. Given the size of the speaker, the audio was fine, simple, and shockingly noisy.

The thing about this speaker’s audio is that it not only provides a special sweet sound but with an impressively balanced tone, it gives a wide spectrum, over which it spreads a completely amazing sound.

This speaker also has a tone match feature. Tone Match enables instant sound customization of vocals or guitars with all three sliders, rather than an unpleasant and rich audio.

The sounds of this s1 speaker were distortion-free, incredibly clear, and also very well adapted. And this speaker’s sound will never disappoint you.

This bose speaker is loaded with lots of features, and what else about this speaker, Bose has left no stone unturned to make this cute speaker.

Ultra Portability

The speaker is quite cool. The speaker is quite light, given the size of the speaker. This speaker also has a convenient handle, which you can take flight to listen to the song anywhere. This system will not disappoint you at any time.

Wherever you take it, set the speaker at the place and have fun with your friends or audience. And this speaker has to be taken anywhere or no help is needed to set the speaker.

Bose Connect App-

To get more benefit from the speaker, you have to download Bose Connect App first, otherwise you will not be able to benefit.

By downloading this app, after that, you can very easily take advantage of party mode and other amazing additional options. and you have the facility to stream audio to another system for even more sound.

What do I like about The bose s1 pro review:

This speaker system is a great combination of Bluetooth speaker and versatile PA system design for parties or any environment, it is a Single Speaker and Floor Standing system, and it deserves better sound in all locations.

It is designed to be a great music system to bring the speaker anywhere you go, whether it’s streaming music wirelessly, or plugging in a microphone, keyboard, or guitar. and this speaker is quite lightweight and has a carry handle which makes it even easier to carry.

Bluetooth connectivity of this speaker is very good, it will make you feel good to run the speaker, and the rechargeable battery of this speaker gives you 11 hours of life.

What do I dislike about the bose s1 pro review:-

This speaker is available in one color, it is black (not all people like black color so much), so it would have been great if the speaker was in other colors.

And this speaker is a bit expensive, can go more than your budget. Had a little low price, it would have been more fun. If you keep using this speaker continuously, then you will only get 9:30 hours or 10:30 hours of the battery life of this speaker.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Q: How many watts is the Bose s1 Pro?

A. How many watts this system is not yet mentioned in the information of this product.

But people say that this speaker is 80 watts or 150 watts or 160 watts.

Q: Can I connect Bose s1 Pro to TV?

A. Yes, it can connect to your TV at all. You have to use RCA cable to connect it with your TV.

Q: How long does the Bose s1 battery last?

A. It runs for 11 hoursbut by running this system continuously it will run for 9:30 hours or 10:30 hours.

Q: Is the Bose s1 Pro waterproof?

A. NO … it’s not waterproof at all.

Q: Does bose s1 pro have phantom power?

A. Bose S1 Pro does not have phantom power at all.

Q: How loud is the bose s1 pro?

A. Bose s1 pro is very loud, and this speaker gives 160 watts total.

Q: Does bose s1 pro come with a battery?

A. Yes, of course, comes with a Li-ion battery.

Q: How to connect bose s1 pro?


  • First, you have to turn on Bluetooth, on your device.
  • After this, you will have to press the Bluetooth button on the S1 for about two seconds. And After this, the Bluetooth light of the speaker will turn white.
  • After this, you have to select Bose S1 from your Bluetooth device list. And then when successfully paired, the Bluetooth light of this speaker will turn white. And if your Bluetooth device asks for a password / PIN, enter ‘0000 a’.

You can visit this website to know the complete setup guide of this system.

Q: How to connect two bose s1 pro speakers?


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