Top 4 Best JBL Ceiling Speakers In 2021 | Complete Guide and Review

 JBL Ceiling Speakers
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First of all hello to you, and thank you very much for coming to this post. We know what you have come to find in this post. You have come to find one of the best JBL ceiling speakers.

Ceiling speakers are slowly becoming popular in homes nowadays, more than in the past. The ceiling speakers are very good, with a rather good sound, they also give a very good look to your home.

Why do you need a ceiling speaker? Nowadays everyone is looking for high-quality audio equipment, so you need a ceiling speaker. Which allows them to keep their interior decoration intact.

Apart from this, in-ceiling speakers save a lot more space than different types of speakers, which will give you a lot of benefits. And they adapt the sound direction coming from above the ceiling speaker.

Below, we have prepared the list of the top 4 best JBL ceiling speakers, and have also written a review of these speakers. And one thing is that, below, we have also given the buying guide, and answer some questions (FAQ), which you must know.

Let’s move on without delay..

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Why you should buy a ceiling speaker?

The ceiling speaker is like a normal speaker. But these speakers you install them on the roof of your room. Hence the name of these speakers is roof speakers.

Do you need to buy a set of ceiling speakers? The answer would be that if you want the best sound and audio experience, then you should definitely buy a ceiling speaker.

If you have a home theater setup in your house, you should still add a ceiling speaker set. You can get a great immersive surround sound experience by applying these ceiling speakers.

These speakers are of great benefit when installed, such as, this speaker does not take up so much space, and these speakers can be very useful in-ceiling speakers for speech reproduction in departmental stores, hotels, hospitals, offices, and educational institutions.

Finally, regarding these speakers, we only will say that a set of ceiling speakers can be a great addition for a better and stable sound experience.

Top 4 Best JBL Ceiling Speakers-Complete Charte

  All speakers Name


  1. Alexa Compatible speaker light.

  2. JBL Professional C62P-WH.

  3. JBL Professional CSS8018.

  4. JBL Control 12C/T-BK.

1. Alexa Compatible speaker light.

This speaker is JBL’s best ceiling speaker. We speak to you with the claim that you will definitely like this speaker because its performance and design are amazing.

When you install this speaker in the room, because of this speaker the look of your room will be even more beautiful. And this speaker is available in white colors.

This speaker is also not so big and not so small (Product Dimensions 6 x 6.25 x 3.75 inches).

This speaker will look better especially in the dark as it has a tremendous lighting system. Which can be availed while watching your favorite songs and movies.

This sound system easily controls any of your smart home devices that work with Alexa.

This speaker can program its lighting to wake you up, also set the mood. You can do this and more, dim the lights or you can tune the temperature of the lighting color from hot to cool.

And this downlight speaker allows you to play your favorite music comfortably with voice commands.

And you can control your privacy by muting it or you can also close it with just the flick of a switch.

It can be added to up to 200 devices throughout your home and can control your smart thermostat, doorbell, vacuum cleaner, garage doors, locks, and more.

In the last about the speaker, we will say that it is a tremendous best JBL ceiling speakers.

  • You can add up to 200 smart devices to it.
  • This speaker has a lot of features and the speaker is a very amazing design.
  • Can control your doorbells, vacuum cleaners, locks, and more and its sound is excellent.
  • A little Medium price may be for you.

2. JBL Professional C62P-WH.

This speaker is ceiling speakers of different style. This sound system is a very beautiful and fun speaker. The speaker is available in 2 colors (black and white) and looks very good in both colors.

You will definitely like this speaker. This speaker weighs 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg), and the speaker has Product Dimensions 5.1 x 5.1 x 5.6 inches. When you install this speaker in your room, your room will look more beautiful.

This ceiling speaker will easily fill your room with sound quality. You just enjoy listening to your favorite music from this speaker.

This sound system is an ultra-compact mid-high satellite pendant-type tremendous loudspeaker for open architecture roofs and other locations. And the system’s mid-high is great for music applications.

This speaker is full of features, single-point for easy and secure suspension in open-roof applications.

And this speaker features two full-hanging cable systems, providing both main and safety suspension cables.

This speaker also includes a rubber terminal cover for protected outdoor applications, and the speaker also has an optional terminal cover for harsher locations.

  • The power capacity of the speaker is 50 watts continuous program power (2 hours) and 25 watts continuous pink noise (2 hours) and 30 watts continuous program power (100 hours) and 15 watts continuous pink noise (100 hours)
  • This speaker design is very unique and also beautiful to watch.
  • The speaker sound quality is amazing and is good for medium size.
  • According to this speaker, the speakers are worth more.

3. JBL Professional CSS8018.

This sound system is the cheapest speaker out of JBL Ceiling speakers but is very good in terms of performance. The sound quality of this speaker is quite tremendous. This speaker is available in white color.

This sound system is quite large (8.5-inch (216 mm)), and this speaker gives a tremendous sound quality in your room.

And this speaker is a great designed speaker and when you install this speaker in your room, this speaker will make your room look even more beautiful.

This speaker of JBL is capable of providing excellent performance for paging and background music applications.

And this speaker’s High sensitivity across the product line is the ability to provide maximum sound levels even at low tap settings.

Installation of this sound system is very easy, as the speaker grille and transformer are pre-attached to the driver.

And this speaker has a 200 mm (8 inch) high-power speaker with a very high sensitivity of 97 dB and a 10-watt multi-tap transformer, which produces a tremendous sound.

This speaker’s Transformer provides versatility by allowing use on distributed loudspeaker lines of 100 V, 70 V, or 25 V, the speaker’s pre-attached triple-voltage transformer.

To easily mount this ceiling speaker, you have to buy an optional Tile Rails. And the weight of this speaker is 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg).

This is a great speaker. We have already said that this speaker is a very cheap speaker, but gives tremendous power-full, excellent design, good sound quality. The output wattage of the and speaker is 20 Watts.

  • Out of the speaker, tremendous sound quality comes out and amazing power is full speaker.
  • This speaker will look very good in your room and is very easy to install.
  • Great production or amazing production despite being a fairly affordable speaker.
  • Available in only one color, and it would have been great if there were more colors.

4. JBL Control 12C/T-BK.

The model name control of this speaker is 12C / T-BK. And this sound system has the ability to give great song quality to your room.

This sound system is available in two colors (black and white). The speaker is not too big (Product Dimensions 14 x 5.5 x 5 inches), but gives tremendous sound. And the item weight of this speaker is 7.4 pounds.

This speaker has a 76 millimeters (3 in) wide-bandwidth cone driver mounted in a painted, paintable baffle made of Waterproof UL94-V0 material with a pre-attached blind-mount, which is quite that’s excellent.

This speaker is designed with a captain voice coil pre and aluminum coupling ring to reduce distortion to the high technology cone driver and extend the system’s high-frequency response.

You can install this speaker in every room, you will not have any problem.

This Speaker’s highest possible Output Power is 20 Watts as well as the speaker is 68 Hz-17 kHz storage capacity with wide 130-degree coverage.

This speaker is quite a powerful speaker, and Within the speaker box, the speaker comes with two tile rail supports, a C-ring support backing plate, a cutout template, a paint shield, and a grille.

  • This speaker has type – (in-Ceiling) and speaker mounting is Type-Ceiling Mount.
  • The speaker is of good sound quality and the maximum output power is 20 watts.
  • Has a very simple design and is made of good material.
  • None.

Buying Guide For Best JBL Ceiling Speakers:

Before buying anything we always check the important features which make it very different from others.

So these few points which we are going to use in this article will give you a clear idea to choose the best JBL Ceiling Speakers for you.

  • You must remember that whatever ceiling speaker you are going to buy, it should be very easy to install this speaker, if it is difficult to install your speaker then you may have a lot of trouble later. And if you do not know how to install a ceiling speaker, then you must consult an expert.
  • Before buying a ceiling speaker, you must first know how to use the ceiling speaker.
  • Whatever you are going to buy a ceiling speaker, a lot of attention should also be paid to the sound quality of that speaker. So that you do not have any problem while listening to the song or anything later.
  • The size of the ceiling speaker is also one of the most important things, if you want a sound bang, we would recommend that you take a larger speaker for a bit. If you want the look of your room to be great, and at the same time have good sound quality, then you should take a small ceiling speaker.
  • And you should also pay attention to the price of speakers, some speakers are more pricey, but some are not useful and some speakers are less pricey, but very useful.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Q: Are there wireless ceiling speakers?

A. There are absolutely wireless ceiling speakers, the very best brand has made the best wireless ceiling speakers.

Q: How many in-ceiling speakers do I need?

A. We suggest that for your rooms that are larger than 3 meters x 3 meters, you can use a pair of ceiling speakers, and for rooms larger than 5 meters x 5 meters, you can use a two pair ceiling speaker.

Q: Can any ceiling speaker be used for Dolby Atmos?

A. Yes …. ceiling speakers or any speaker can be used for Dolby Atmos.

Q: How to install JBL ceiling speakers?

A. We can’t give you an immediate answer to this issue, but don’t be concerned.

Installing the JBL speaker in the roof has made it very easy. And Complete step-by-step instructions are provided in these speakers’ manuals.

You will be able to install this speaker easily, just by reading the manual of these speakers, whatever is given in the manual, if you do a step-by-step, you can install these speakers easily.

Q: Do ceiling speakers sound good?

A. Yes, why not? Ceiling speakers are perfect for your home theater system, especially if you are looking for very good sound quality.

Those speakers are specially designed for roofing.

Q: Are ceiling speakers good for music?

A. Yes, ceiling speakers are great for music.

Q: Do I need fire hoods for ceiling speakers?

A. The answer to this question would be that they should be established unless there is a reason not to do so.

Q: Do I need a subwoofer with ceiling speakers?

A. A subwoofer with ceiling speakers is not so much needed, but it is also that with a subwoofer, the sound can be even better.

Q: Can ceiling speakers cause fire?

A. Yes, technically a fire can happen, but it is extremely rare for this to actually happen.

Q: How long do ceiling speakers last?

A. You cannot imagine that sealing speakers can last so long. Once you install the ceiling speaker in your house, the same speaker can be heard until the time of your grand-son.

Q: Are ceiling speakers OK for surround sound?

A. Yes, ceiling speakers are great for surround sound.

Final Words:-

Hopefully from this post of our JBL ceiling speakers, you must have found a great JBL ceiling speaker for your home setup.

Hope you don’t have any questions about this post or any of our posts, if you have any comments let us know, we will definitely reply.

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