Top 5 Best JBL Powered Speakers In 2021 | Complete Review and Buying Guide

JBL Powered Speakers
JBL Powered Speaker

You are very welcome on this wonderful post of ours. We know what you have come to know or buy on this post. You have come to search for one of the best JBL powered speakers.

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Nowadays, listening habits lead to headphones, wireless speakers, mobiles, and many more devices, but nowadays, powered speakers still hold their place.

Powered speakers are known for their practicality, convenience, and great performance.

Nowadays there are a variety of the best JBL powered sound systems available on the market. And these Speakers that not only sound good and are also number one in their performance but also provide excellent, clear audio quality.

It can be a bit difficult for you to find these JBL powered sound systems, so we have prepared this post to make your difficult work a little easier.

We have written a complete review of the top 5 best JBL powered speakers below, and below we have also written a little buying guide.

Without delay, let’s start reading…

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Top 5 Best JBL Powered Speakers-Complete Charte

All speakers name

Maximum Output Power


1. JBL Professional EON610.

1000 Watts

2. JBL powered IRX112 Speakers Bluetooth.

1300 Watts

3. JBL Professional 305P MkII.

82 Watts

4. JBL Sub 550P Subwoofer.

700 Watts

5. JBL Professional 104.

60 Watts

1.JBL Professional EON610.

This JBL Professional EON610 speaker is the Best powered speakers of JBL. This speaker has been liked by most people. You will definitely like the design and performance of the speaker.

The rating of this speaker on is 4.4, which is a very good thing.

The dimensions of this speaker are 21.9 x 11.6 x 12.6 inches, and the weight of this speaker can be a bit heavy for you (32 pounds).

You do not need to take any trouble to move this speaker anywhere, because this speaker has the facility of handles. And this speaker is very portable.

This sound system is a very loudspeaker, and many people have placed this speaker to use it as a stage monitor.

This speaker is a 1000 watt Class D amp speaker. 300 watts is set for high frequencies and 700 watts is set for low frequencies, and 500 watts is constant.

The speaker has a 10-inch woofer and a 1-inch neodymium compression driver. Its frequency range is 52Hz – 20kHz and throws sound at a 110-degree coverage pattern.

In this speaker, you have two connection options, which provide you with a two-channel combo jack that comfortably supports both XLR and TRS inputs.

  • The speaker is very loud and very amazing.
  • The speaker has a lot of features and Bluetooth Controllable DSP.
  • This speaker has two handles for easy transport and multiple setup configurations.
  • We did not mind anything about the speaker.

2. JBL powered IRX112Speakers Bluetooth.

The design of this JBL IRX112 speaker is very simple but the speaker is very beautiful to look at, and the performance of the speaker is also number one.

This speaker is black in color, being black, this speaker sounds even more beautiful.

This IRX112 speaker of JBL has also been liked by many, and the rating of this speaker on is 4.5.

This speaker produces the highest measured volume and broadest frequency response power in its class with wattage and performance, much like large loudspeakers.

The built-in Bluetooth audio streaming of this speaker reaches at the push of a button – you can play backing tracks, video soundtracks, or recorded music comfortably.

Dimensions 11.77 x 15.75 x 24.35 inches of this JBL IRX112 speaker. And this speaker is not so heavy and this much not also light(27.3 pounds).

This speaker also has handles, which is a very good thing. With the help of this speaker handle, you can move this speaker easily anywhere.

This sound system is 1300 watts, which is enough to bang. And the frequency range of this speaker is 53 Hz – 20 kHz, and the Maximum Peak SPL is 127 dB.

The last thing we want to say about this speaker is that in this speaker for Bluetooth and audio, you get a lot of convenience.

  • The sound quality of this speaker is very good and the performance is also good.
  • It is also very easy to use and a Built-in pole mount expands system set-up options.
  • Powerful, Portability, Lightweight, and Thickness.
  • The Speaker price is slightly higher.

3. JBL Professional 305P MkII.

We tell you with the claim that you will definitely like this speaker. Because the performance of the speaker is very good and especially the speakers are very cute to watch.

The colors of the speaker are black, this system looks even more beautiful due to the black color of the speaker. This sound system is very lightweight (the weight of the speaker is a little over 10 pounds).

This 305P MkII Subwoofer is very affordable, it is a very good Subwoofer. And this Subwoofer has been liked by almost everyone. Its rating on is 4.8 which is a very good thing.

This 5-inch powered woofer is a good size, which can fit in any corner of your room or in any place. You will hear in great detail from this Subwoofer.

This speaker will definitely provide a lot of scope for your music. Frequency Range (-10dB) of this speaker is 43 Hz – 24 kHz and Frequency Response (± 3dB): 49 Hz – 20 kHz.

And This 305P MkII speaker can hit 108dB on the thrust front, which is more than enough for a small studio and great for medium-sized studios.

The maximum output power of this subwoofer is 82 Watts. And In this, you get the option of a balanced XLR or the 1/4 inch TRS.

The last thing we want to say about this speaker is that it is one of the best JBL Powered speakers.

  • Great sound stage and very good bass output.
  • Very excellent tuning options and good durable construction.
  • Accuracy and good use of advanced technology.
  • The system is not so balanced.

4. JBL Sub 550P Subwoofer.

We tell you with the claim that with the sound of this speaker you will definitely feel a strong beat.

When you fit this speaker in your room, this speaker will give a great look in your room.

And you may need a little more space to keep this speaker in your room, as this speaker is slightly larger (its dimensions are 20.5 x 22.3 x 23.5 inches.

This sound system (over 51 pounds) is very heavy. And this is the Speaker Type- Subwoofer of the system and its Mounting Type- Floor Standing.

And this speaker packs 300 watts of amplification and a 10 “woofer into a small size cabinet that fits easily into any of your rooms.

With this sound system, you will definitely hear powerful, natural tones that create excitement in your music.

The maximum output power of this sound system is 700 Watts and Powerful 300-watt amplifier.

And the frequency response of this subwoofer is 27–150 Hz and the variable is 50–150 Hz crossover.

The last thing we want to say about this speaker is that it is very powerful and is a huge subwoofer of JBL.

  • The speaker is very beautiful and will look very beautiful in your room too.
  • Its sound quality is very powerful and volume control is good.
  • It is easy to use and easy to install.
  • It takes some space to fit.

5. JBL Professional 104.

In this list of our top 5 best JBL Powered speakers, this speaker is in the last does not mean that this speaker is bad, rather it is a powerful, amazing speaker.

This JBL 104 speaker will be a great speaker for your desktop. The design of this speaker is not at all like the various speakers.

This means the speaker design is amazing and the speaker performance is very good.

The color of this speaker is black, the speaker looks very good with black color.

The speaker has a Mounting Type –Table Top and the Speaker has a Type- Compact. And the item weight of this speaker is slightly less than 1 lbs.

This great JBL 104 speaker is very useful for most desktop and laptop computers, as well as home or professional recordings.

This speaker delivers crisp highs and rich bass in a great way. As they can do at any volume level and especially these speakers are acoustically optimized for desktop placement.

Even this speaker can provide accuracy in congested workspaces. And this speaker is comfortably able to take you to the next level very comfortably.

Smart features of this speaker have been given three things – front-panel volume control, Aux-In, and a headphone jack with speaker mute feature.

The speaker also features a coaxial .75-inch soft-dome tweeter with a powerful 4.5-inch low-frequency driver.

Which will give you a reliable sound reference and a really enjoyable listening experience for creative professionals and music lovers.

The maximum output power of these speakers is 60 watts which is 30 watts distributed to each speaker.

Under the speaker box, a letter quick setup guide, extension monitor speaker wire (2-conductor, 2 m), 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) for RCA audio cable, and an AC power cable Come on.

  • This speaker is best for small rooms.
  • The bass quality and sound quality are amazing.
  • Features are very and can fit even in a small table.
  • At this price, there is no defect in the speaker.

Buying Guide For JBL Powered Speakers-

Right now the subject we are going to talk about is very important for you. Because this topic will help you a lot in buying a good powered speakers. This is the subject- How to choose the Best powered speakers or what you should look for in a powered sound system.

To choice to a good Powered speaker, you must pay attention to many things. But we have tried to explain to you only the main two specific things below, in two lines.

Let’s read these two things…

Sound Quality: You do not want your beloved speaker to be low volume or heavy volume or have sound distortions at high volume levels, so you should pay great attention to the sound quality of the speaker.

Watch for speakers with high-quality powerful sound, damp elements, good performance, good features, and more.

Input Options: If you prefer to have a good sound system for home entertainment (movies, games, music, your entertainment, etc.), then you need to find a speaker that has a standard headphone port and an aux input in the speaker. That is the best for you.

If you prefer to stream audio from your favorite smart mobile or iPad and want to control the volume and tracks, then you need to find a speaker that features Bluetooth connectivity support.

And if you want a much more versatile speaker, then you should choose an option that has inputs like XLR or RCA, which will be the best speaker for you.

Frequently asked questions:-

Q: What are powered speakers?

A. Powered speakers are known as active speakers or self-powered speakers.

And these are loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers. These speakers are more liked by the people due to their compactness and simplicity.

Q: Are powered speakers better?

A. Yes, a powered speaker is very good.

Q: Are JBL PA Speakers good?

A. Yes, JBL is one of the most popular brands when it comes to sound. PA speakers of JBL are very good.

Q: Does JBL make good speakers?

A. Yes of course JBL makes good speakers. JBL is a very big brand and a very old brand. JBL knows how to make a good speaker. Everyone definitely likes the speaker of JBL.

Q: Which country made JBL speakers?

A. James Bullough Lansing founded the 1946 JBL, and JBL’s Headquarters – Los Angeles, California, United States.


All powered speakers are a beautiful reality for all music lovers or all artists because they are compact, simple, and excellent.

And we hope that out of these top 5 best JBL powered speakers given in this post, you must have liked a speaker.

If you need any information from this post or from any of our posts, then please tell us by commenting, we will try to reply to you soon.

Thank you very much for giving this post a look from the beginning to the last.

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