Top 10 Best Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers In 2021 | Complete Review

Wakeboard Tower Speakers
Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

You are very welcome to our post. We know that, do you like to spend or spend too much time on your wakeboard? You need the best marine wakeboard tower speakers to spend more time in the wakeboard.

Therefore, you have come to this post to know which speaker is best for your wakeboard.

When you are going fishing with your wakeboard or are a party in your wakeboard to keep your mind fresh, you will need music to improve your experience.

Apart from this, nowadays music has become a part of our life, and it has become a way of livelihood for many of us.

That is why sea tower speakers may be the best choice for you. It is specially made of waterproof material. And these sea tower speakers will provide ample entertainment to the people in your boat.

There are many types of sea speakers in today’s online market or market, however, this sea speaker may have some difficulty in finding you.

That is why we have prepared this post to overcome your difficulty.

Below we have given a complete review of the top 10 best marine wakeboard tower speakers, And the buying guide is also given below, these buying guides will give you a clear idea of ​​choosing the right speaker for you.

Let’s know about these speakers…

Note: What does a good wakeboard tower speaker mean?

A good wakeboard tower speaker is one that has the ability to play music clearly when it is loud and quiet.

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Top 10 Best Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers-Complete Charte

Speakers Name

 Maximum Output Power
 200 Watts
 400 Watts
3. Pair Rockville RWB65B.

 500 Watts


 600 Watts

5. Rockville WB65KLED.

 600 Watts

6. Pair Rockville RWB90W.
 300 Watts
7. Pyle PLMRWB50L.
 200 Watts
8. Pyle PLUTV41BK.

 800 Watts

9. Pyle PLMRWB45W.

 300 Watts

10. Pyle PLUTV44BTR.
 800 Watts


We know that you are very eager to know the first speaker. The brand name of this first speaker is NOAM and the model name of the speaker is – FBA_N4.

You will definitely like this speaker. This speaker is slightly smaller (Speaker Size 4 Inches) but very powerful.

The speaker is also not so heavy (weight is slightly less than 7 pounds) and its dimensions are 14 x 9 x 7.5 inches.

When you apply this speaker to your boat, only then you will be able to feel the voice of this speaker. And this speaker is very simple but looks also very beautiful, and it comes in black colors.

This speaker in addition to the boat, the Polaris RZR, CAN-AM, Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, and more ATVs, golf carts can be used comfortably on any other 12v powered vehicle.

In your marine wakeboard, you can take this mountable speaker anywhere as it is completely waterproof. And this system fits 1.25″ to 2.1 “bars to fit the boat, UTV, ATV, and more vehicles.

The speaker has 4 “high-quality poly injection cones and 1” PEI neodymium dome tweeter.

The maximum output power of this speaker is 200 Watts, and RMS Power is 100 Watts. And its Frequency Response is 100-20KHz, Impedance is 4 Ohms.

key features:

  • 1” PEI Neodymium Dome Tweeter.
  • This system fits 1.25″ to 2.1 “bars to fit boat, UTV, ATV, and more vehicles.
  • IPX6.
  • And many more.


In the case of the speaker, the name of the boss definitely comes. It is number one of Boss’ powerful best Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers.

What to tell about the boss speaker, you know, the boss is a very big brand. Almost all the speakers of the boss are very good.

This speaker is not so heavy, is very light (Weight 6 pounds). And the dimensions of this speaker are 7.1 x 5.4 x 7.1 inches (speaker size 4 inches).

This speaker has been prepared with weatherproofing techniques so that it can fight against any environment. You can take it anywhere, it is purely weatherproofing.

The speaker is made of polyurethane and is also made from flexible and durable material so that this speaker can last a long time.

The maximum output power of this outdoor speaker is 200 Watts and its impedance is 4 ohms, frequency 130 Hz to 20 kHz.

Please note that you will have to purchase wiring for this outdoor speaker separately. And this speaker offers a 3-year platinum online dealer warranty.

You can install this speaker in your Marine Wakeboard very comfortably. It is very easy to install, anyone can do it comfortably.

All the key components of this boss speaker are specially coated and are sealed for safety to give an excellent performance to this speaker even in a moist and salty environment.

The last thing we want to say about this speaker is to take this BOSS MRWT40 speaker to the sea and enjoy the audio from this speaker.

key features:

  • Polypropylene Woofer Cone and Rubber Surround.
  • 1 Tweeter Per Speaker.
  • Weatherproof.
  • And many more.

3. Pair Rockville RWB65B.

Already in the world of marine wakeboard tower speakers, Pair Rockville Brand is a very big name. This RWB65B speaker made by Pair Rockville is a great speaker.

The peak power handling of this Surround Sound speaker is 500 watts (gives 250 watts per one speaker), and RMS power handling is 300 watts (gives 150 watts per one speaker).

This speaker is perfect for a Wakeboard, And this speaker will never spoil it with water, saltwater, or moisture.

And these Surround Sound speakers are made of stainless steel, and they can withstand completely corrosion resistance comfortably.

And it also has an additional waterproof coating which helps to keep the speakers very secure completely.

You can install this speaker very comfortably on different vehicles too. You will not have any problem installing it.

This speaker is reinforced with superior mounting bracket steel, and this mounting bracket is waterproof and durable plastic. Not only this, it is reinforced with nylon and steel to make it extra strong.

The weight of this speaker is a little over 11 pounds and its size is 6.5 Inches. Its Frequency Response is 70 – 20,000 Hz.

The last thing we want to say about this speaker is that this speaker can also be used on many off-road vehicles.

key features:

  • Will not spoil with salt and fresh water.
  • Terminals Are Sealed with Rubber Gaskets.
  • Completely Water / Rust Resistant.
  • And many more.


It is a great speaker made by the boss. On seeing this speaker, you will feel like buying it because its design is more beautiful than beautiful.

This is a great outdoor speaker from a boss. This speaker is black in color which is very beautiful. It is not so heavy (Weight 8 Pounds) and its dimensions are 9.5 x 12.63 x 12.63 inches.

Among the best speakers from the Boss, this BOSS MRWT69RGB is an excellent marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker with led light.

And one of the special features of this outdoor speaker is that with this multi-color illumination option you can change the color to suit your taste.

This speaker looks even more beautiful at night due to this multi-color light. You will also get a remote control on this speaker.

With this remote, you can change the color to suit your taste with a multi-color illumination option.

This speaker is built with weatherproof technologies to protect against all environments, and this outdoor speaker is corrosion resistant and protected from harsh elements.

This speaker is made from a flexible and durable material that can provide long-lasting as well as great sound.

The silk tweeter of this speaker is reinforced and is designed to withstand high power.

The maximum output power of this outdoor speaker is 600 Watts, its impedance is 4 ohms, and the frequency is 65 Hz to 20 kHz.

You will find an adjustable cast aluminum swivel clamp in this speaker which fits bars from 2 “to 3”.

Regarding this speaker in the last, we want to say that the sound of this speaker is warmer, more melodic, and sophisticated.

key features:

  • Quick-Fit Terminal Design, Weatherproof.
  • Multi-Color LED Illumination.
  • And many more.

5. RockvilleWakeboard WB65KLED Tower Speakers and lights.

It is a tremendously powerful best marine tower speaker from Rockville. You will find this speaker in black color.

This sound system is very simple to see, but due to the lighting of the speaker, this Rockville speaker becomes very beautiful to watch.

The dimensions of this speaker are 18.4 x 13.7 x 13.5 inches (speaker size 6.5 inches). Looking at this speaker, you will not feel that it is so heavy but this speaker is a bit heavy.

These Rockville speakers are both extremely sleek and durable. Each speaker on this speaker is heavily equipped with a 1 “Titanium Dome tweeter and 6.5” long-travel woofer.

This speaker is very powerful, each speaker of this speaker has 150 watts RMS and it can handle 300 watts peak very comfortably!

Lighting has also been provided in this speaker, because of this lighting the speaker looks very good. To change the lighting of this speaker to multi colors you have to use a remote.

A remote is also provided with this speaker.The grill of this system is made from ABS.

These speakers use rubber surrounds to eliminate unwanted distortion very comfortably. Apart from this, whatever rubber has been put into this speaker is of very waterproof material.

These speakers’ brackets are lightweight, durable, and have the ability to withstand the most difficult conditions. And its bracket has been given a special UV coating to deal with the elements.

You can rotate this sound system 360 degrees. All the contents of the speaker are waterproof. They will not be spoiled by any water and this speaker can also be used on off-roading vehicles.

key features:

  • The Bracket rotates 360 degrees.
  • Built-in LED’s.
  • Resistant to water, corrosion, and UV rays.
  • Will not spoil with salt and fresh water.
  • And many more.

6. Pair Rockville RWB90W.

This speaker is available in white colors which looks very beautiful with white color. And you can easily rotate this speaker at 360 degrees very easily.

This Pair Rockville RWB90W speaker gives 200W RMS and is 300W peak power.

(This sound system 200 watts RMS is equivalent to around 500 watts rated by other brands, this means the speaker is extremely powerful).

This speaker will never be damaged by water, salt water, or moisture, apart from this the speakers are made of stainless steel and they are completely corrosion resistant.

And this speaker has an additional waterproof coating which helps a lot in keeping this speaker safe.

You will see a new and improved nylon mounting bracket added to this speaker. And this speaker’s nylon is strong, lightweight, and can withstand the toughest conditions very comfortably.

To protect this bracket from the elements, a special UV coating is provided. You can use it for various applications such as, you can mount this speaker in front of or behind your boat.

This speaker is also not so light and also not so heavy (its weight is slightly more than 16 pounds) and its size is 8 Inches.

The Pair Rockville RWB90W speaker has a frequency response of 60–20,000 Hz, its sound pressure level is 98dB, impedance 4 ohms, and mounting depth 10. 5 “.

key features:

  • 360 ° Swivel Tower Speakers.
  • Will not spoil with salt and fresh water.
  • Completely Water / Rust Resistant.
  • Integrated Grill.
  • And many more.

7.Pyle PLMRWB50L.

Among Marine speakers, the Pyle brand is a big name. It is a great speaker made of Pyle. And It is the best marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers and lights speaker.

This speaker is very smooth, very powerful in performance, and durable in construction, When you install this speaker on your wakeboard boat, only then you will be able to experience this speaker well.

This Subwoofer, Outdoor speaker is an IP44 waterproof rated, which is great.

It can be used for many vehicles apart from the boat as it has an excellent anti-rust speaker to withstand water splatter and any other outdoor conditions.

This full-stereo speaker system features a 2-way full-audio, a titanium dome tweeter, and long excursion 5.25-inch subwoofers.

And the power output of this subwoofer is 200 watts maximum. And it has a frequency response of 60 Hz-20KHz, 4-ohm impedance, and 90 dB sensitivity, which will give you a great housing

You will get built-in light blue lights in this speaker, which will make your boat night parties even more fun because of this LED light.

This sound system is weather-resistant as well as made of stainless steel housing for a rugged and durable design. And comes with an ABS grill to deal with sun damage.

You can make this speaker 360 ° rotatable comfortably, it can be positioned as you wish. And this speaker has a mounting clamp for free installation.

key features:

  • Waterproof Rating: IP-44.
  • Built-in Illuminating Blue LED Lights.
  • 360°degree positioning.
  • Rugged, Durable & Sleek Stainless Steel Housing.
  • And many more.

8. Pyle PLUTV41BK.

This Pyle PLUTV41BK speaker is a great speaker. The design of the speaker is very simple.

This Outdoor Speaker is available in one color, that is Black. Do not take this Pyle speaker so lightly, it is a very powerful outdoor speaker. Its Maximum Output Power is 800 Watts.

Which are 800 Watts enough to do a blast. Its weight is not so much (slightly less than 5 pounds) and its dimensions are 5.67 x 5.67 x 7.84 inches.

These are Pile Audio waterproof-rated off-road speakers made of durable construction, so you don’t have to worry about moving this speaker anywhere. It is absolutely a safe speaker.

And this Pyle PLUTV41BK speaker has a frequency response of 85Hz-20kHz w / 4-ohm impedance. This speaker will change your boat ride experience by adding music at every turn.

This speaker has a convenient universal mount bracket, allowing you to install it on any roll bar/roll cage.

Not only in the boat, but this pair of speakers can also use this speaker comfortably in any off-road vehicle. And this system is designed to withstand any type of weather, not just waterproof.

key features:

  • Speaker Style: Passive Speakers.
  • Waterproof Rating : IP-X5.
  • Impressive Bass Response.
  • And many more.

9. Marine WakeboardPyle PLMRWB45W Tower speakers.

This speaker is enough to give you four moons in the fun journey of your Now. This Pyle PLMRWB45W speaker is available in a single color, that white color.

This Subwoofer is equipped with an integrated mounting clamp, one can easily install it. And this speaker is also very beautiful to watch.

This sound system can withstand any built and harsh aquatic conditions very comfortably.

A perfect subwoofer speaker for you, this speaker set weighs a little over 5 pounds, and its Dimensions 7.56 x 5.44 x 5.44 inches.

This dual 4-inch speaker system is Maximum Output Power of 300 Watts, and this speaker is specifically designed to provide excellent performance in terms of distortion.

This Pyle Subwoofer pair is up to 4 ohms impedance to deliver high-quality sound at all times.

The titanium dome tweeter of this speaker has a very good ability to deliver tremendous high quality, no doubt.

Its subwoofers have a frequency response of 70 Hz to 20kHz so that they can deliver tremendous performance even in water recreation spaces.

Its ABS Grills feel quite awesome to watch and this sound system has been provided for installation in any place.

key features:

  • Tweeter Type: Titanium Dome.
  • Rugged & Weather-Resistant Housing.
  • Engineered ABS Grills.
  • And many more.

10. Pyle PLUTV44BTR.

In our list of speakers, this Pyle speaker is in the very last list, so it does not mean that it is a bad speaker, it is a very good speaker. And this speaker is loaded with features.

The stylish design of this speaker looks great and makes the speaker look more beautiful at night as the speaker features RGB lights.

This speaker is also the best marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers and lights speaker.

This 2 four-inch passive two-way off-road speaker system can be used not only for the boat but also for high-quality ATV, UTV, Quad, Jeep, or other outdoor vehicles using this speaker comfortably.

You can take this speaker anywhere and can be used anywhere as the speaker features marine-grade IP-X5 waterproof, w / weatherproof, and water-resistant housing.

The speaker is designed to be mounted on a support bar, frame, roll-bar / roll-cage so that it can be mounted anywhere. And this includes connection wires, wire butt connectors, and mounting pads.

To protect this speaker very well, it has been installed in a heavy-duty fitting cabinet w / butyl rubber surround.

The pair of these sound system speakers have an 800W high-powered output. And in this, you will get a frequency response of 85Hz-20kHz w / 4-ohm impedance.

And there is a lot to tell about this speaker, but we have only mentioned some main features of this speaker. In the last I will speak about this speaker only 1 line – this speaker is good.

key features:

  • Power Source : Battery Powered.
  • RGB Lights.
  • Weatherproof & Water-Resistant Housing.
  • Compact & High-Powered Output.
  • And many more.

Buying guide for Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers:

If you are looking to buy a set of these speakers from our list, which works well, and which also provides number one in performance, then you should know some of the following aspects when purchasing your marine wakeboard speaker You must know.

And before buying anything we always check the important features which make it very different from others.

So these criteria which we are going to use in this article will give you a clear idea to choose one of the best Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers.


When it comes to choosing a good speaker, size plays a big role in that decision. If you are buying a speaker for a wakeboard, then you should pay great attention to the size of the speaker.

In this post of ours, Marine Tower Speaker of all sizes is available for your Marine Wakeboard. You can definitely take the size of the speaker comfortably to suit your wishes and requirements.

Maybe you also want a big, loud sound for your wakeboard and you need a large number of the largest speakers. And it is also true that size also affects the voice of the speaker.

You should remember that the larger the tower speaker, the lower the frequency and bass it will be able to produce. And smaller speakers are not even lower, better they are producing mid and high frequencies.

Waterproof and water-resistant-

Do these two words mean the same? Of course not. There are some very real differences between the two.

For example, water-resistant speakers can deal with light sea spray and rain, very comfortably, but these speakers may not be completely immersed in water, causing damage to the speakers.

As such, Waterproof speakers are not at all like Water-resistant speakers. Such as Waterproof speakers are made with a high seal, which does not allow water to enter at all.

Even with waterproof speakers completely submerged, those speakers continue to work, but you should also note that most waterproof speakers are waterproof only to a certain depth.

Right now, which waterproof speaker or water-resistant speaker is best for your marine wakeboard if you are getting confused?

If you are having trouble knowing that, then we give you advice that a Waterproof speaker is best for you.

Wakeboard Tower SpeakersPower Handling-

You should look at the power rating of the speakers before buying any speaker. Which are two things that you should pay a lot of attention to.

One is RMS power and the other is peak (or max) power. RMS means that RMS power rating is the amount of power the speaker handles continuously. And peak means that peak power rating is the amount of power that a speaker can handle in a short burst…

There are many other things, before buying a good marine wakeboard speaker, You should also keep an eye on those topics, such as – Mounting, Aesthetic, Value, Sensitivity, Frequency Range, and more.


Q: How to install wakeboard tower speakers?

A. Watching the video above, you will be able to know how to install a wakeboard tower speaker.

Q: How to wire wakeboard tower speakers?

A. To know how to wire wakeboard tower speakers, we have given you a video above, you can see it.

Q: Do you need an amp for wakeboard tower speakers?

A. You don’t technically need an amp for a wakeboard tower speaker. You can run it very comfortably from the head unit.
If you want to listen to it in a great environment while riding in a wakeboard, then you definitely need to have an amp.

Q: Does a wakeboard tower make a difference?

A.Does a wakeboard tower makes a difference – the answer is no. But the added benefit of having a wakeboard tower is that it gives your boat lots of customization options.

Q: What is the purpose of a wakeboard tower?

A. The purpose of a wakeboard tower is that it makes water sports on your boat easier, making your boat amazing in the process.
And they are made of tubular, aircraft-grade aluminum and they give you a high towing point.

Q: How Do You Position Tower Speakers?

A. When you are going to give your speakers a correct position, you should note that it is important to position the speaker in height and angle.
You definitely want your speakers to face the direction where people are going to be.
When your wakeboarders are out on the water, your speakers must be at the right angle, or else the problem can occur later.
You have to pay attention that you place the speaker in a place where people are not able to bump the speaker at all.


Whatever motive you came to this post, by reading this post of our, your motive must have been fulfilled. And we also hope from you that by reading this post you will have learned a lot.

We hope that from this post you have got excellent marine tower speakers set up for your marine wakeboard.

If you are having difficulty in knowing any of our posts or anything related to this post, then do let us know by commenting, we will try our best to answer you soon.

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